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State-of-the-art in copper and iron supplementation for the equine

Combining these critical minerals with bioactive components, an antioxidant and trace mineral ensures the highest degree of absorption and utilization possible, while providing maximum protection to the horse.

COPPERQUINE addresses the problems of epiphysitis, oxygen transport, free radical damage, bone and cartilage formation, cellular protection, flora production, microbial damage and inflammation.

With the addition of the bioactive component Lactoferrin, Copperquine ensures maximum absorption and utilization of iron, which significantly reduces the amount required daily and prevents the numerous problems associated with excess iron intake.

COPPERQUINE also contains the bioactive component Lactoperoxidase, which exerts a strong anti-microbial effect against a wide-range of microorganisms, while enhancing the production of the beneficial flora in the digestive tract. Lactoperoxidase also exhibits anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Vitamin E, along with the expensive and bioactive form of selenium affords antioxidant protection and extends the life of red blood cells critical to maintaining cellular health.

COPPERQUINE ensures optimal health and vitality for the horse, with a sensible and profiled formula of highly bioactive components, minerals and other nutrients based on the latest scientific data.

1 Gallon and 2.5 Gallon

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