Muscle Max (5LB pale)

For increasing muscle mass and enhancing performance.

MUSCLE MAX represents a breakthrough in anabolic and ergogenic supplementation for the equine, with a scientifically-profiled formula that is unsurpassed for increasing lean muscle mass and enhancing performance.

MUSCLE MAX takes advantage of the cell-volumizing characteristics of creatine monohydrate and combines them with a complex of carefully profiled nutrients that have been demonstrated to have a positive impact on nitrogen and energy metabolism, through improved protein synthesis, work tolerance, energy and recovery rates.

Research has shown that cell-volumizing has a definite and immediate impact on strength, workload, and protein synthesis, by super-hydrating the muscle and increasing glycogen synthesis, which inhibits the breakdown of lean muscle.

MUSCLE MAX further enhances its cell-volumizing characteristics with the addition of those amino acids that play an important role in nitrogen metabolism, while exerting a strong anti-catabolic effect and acting as precursors for the formation of creatine.

The addition of a phosphate complex increases the phospho-creatine reservoir to extend energy, delay fatigue, enhance protein synthesis and accelerate recovery.

This unique formula is presented in a strong carbohydrate base that acts to accelerate absorption and drive the other ingredients into the muscle cell, while preserving the equine’s valuable protein stores.

MUSCLE MAX elevates equine performance, lean muscle gains and recovery to a new level. No other formula can pack on the lean, hard muscle as fast and as safely as does MUSCLE MAX.


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